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  1. Enter the recipient's phone number;
  2. Enter the text of the message;
  3. Enter the security code;
  4. Click "Send Message".

Limit of the sent SMSs:

  • no more than 5 SMSs from the same IP-address (computer) per day;
  • no more than 5 SMSs to one subscriber number per day.

SMS Sending

Mobile phone number


Warning, the message typed "Cyrillic" is limited by 70 characters,* "Latin" by 160 characters.

* when exceeding the limit of 70 characters the system automatically converts the message from the "Cyrillic" to the "Latin".

Free characters: 0

Additional features


The message typed "Cyrillic" is automatically converted into "Latin".

Do not send a message after

Send a message after

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